‘SHE Team’ on the patrol in Odisha

  1. Odisha’s Gajapati district police in Paralakhemundi has started a pilot project called the ‘SHE Team’.
  2. SHE stands for ‘Safety, Health and Environment’. This project is modelled on the lines of Hyderabad ‘SHE Team’.
  3. The project seeks to ensure safety and security of young girls and women.
  4. The SHE Team is headed by a lady sub-inspector and includes mobile patrolling teams. The police personnel will patrol schools, colleges, other local institutions and public places, where young girls and women are allegedly subjected to eve teasing, stalking and harassment.
  5. ‘SHE Team’ also seeks to prevent harassment of working women at workplaces and public places where they move for their job.
  6. It will also self-defence and cyber space safety to young girls and children.
  7. Further, a website of ‘SHE Team’ has been launched and a mobile app is under construction.

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