Siddhant Shikhamani Granth

News:The Prime Minister has released the translated version of the Shri Siddhant Shikhamani Granth in 19 languages and launched a mobile app of the Granth.


About Siddhant Shikhamani:

  • Siddhantha Shikhamani is a religious scripture of the Panchacharya tradition of Veerashaivas also known as Lingayatism.
  • The scripture was written in Sanskrit and gives an elaboration of the primitive traits of Veerashaivism found in the Vedas and the Upanishads.

About Lingayat:

  • The Lingayat also known as Veerashaiva community are devotees of Shiva. 
  • They follow the 12th-century saint-philosopher Basavanna who had rejected ritualistic worship and pre-eminence of the Vedas.
  • They are strict monotheists.They worship only one God namely Linga (Shiva).