Simply put: How the forces protect VIPs

  1. The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has said that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will continue to have Z plus security cover after the withdrawal of Special Protection Group(SPG) from his security.
  2. In India,the Government of India provides security to some high-risk individuals with the help of police and local government.
  3. Special Protection Group(SPG) provides security to the (a)Prime Minister(PM) of India (b)Former PM of India and (c)Members of their immediate families wherever they are.
  4. Besides the SPG,VIPs in India are protected by other security forces as well.The levels of security cover are determined by the threat perception around the individual.
  5. The highest level of security cover is the Z-plus category followed by Z, Y plus,Y and X categories.The higher the level of cover,the larger the number of personnel protecting the individual.
  6. Further,the National Security Guard (NSG) is a counter terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).It was founded in 1984, following Operation Blue Star for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances.
  7. The NSG personnel are often referred to in the media as Black Cats. They are deployed to protect VIPs for whom the threat perception is the highest.