Suspension of MPs from Lok Sabha

News:Recently,seven Members of Parliament(MP) have been suspended from Lok Sabha for the remaining period of the Budget session.


Suspension Power of Speaker of Lok Sabha:

  • Rule 373:If the Speaker is of the opinion that the conduct of any member is grossly disorderly, may direct such member to withdraw immediately from the House during the remainder of the day’s sitting.
  • Rule 374A:If the member is wilfully abusing Rules of Procedure, then such member shall on being named by the Speaker stand automatically suspended from the service of the House for five consecutive sittings or the remainder of the session whichever is less.
  • However,while the Speaker is empowered to place a member under suspension,the authority for revocation of this order is not vested in her. It is for the House, if it so desires to resolve on a motion to revoke the suspension.

Suspension Power of Chairman of Rajya Sabha:

  • Rule 255: The Chairman may direct any member whose conduct is in his opinion grossly disorderly to withdraw immediately from the House.
  • But unlike the Speaker, the Rajya Sabha Chairman does not have the power to suspend a member.
  • Further,if the member abuses the rules willfully, then the House may adopt a motion suspending the member from the service of the House for a period not exceeding the remainder of the session.However,by another motion the House may terminate the suspension.