Taliban says no agreement reached on ending hostilities

  1. Taliban-the Islamist insurgent group in Afghanistan- has said that the recent peace negotiations with USA and regional powers have been inconclusive.
  2. Recently, Taliban held a series of talks with USA in Doha and also with the Russian and Afghan Politicians in Moscow. However, the Afghanistan government remained absent from both the talks. This is because Taliban considers the Afghan government illegitimate and has denied any negotiations.
  3. The negotiations culminated in a basic framework of a possible peace deal. According to the framework, the U.S.-led military coalition would withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and Taliban would pledge to prevent terrorist activities in the country.
  4. USA has used Taliban selectively like they had helped them to fight against the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan.
  5. Indian Government have made it clear that they will not engage with Taliban directly and would rather pursue bilateral ties through investing in developement projects.