Thakurani Jatra festival kicks off

  1. The Thakurani jatra festival has started. It is a biennial festival celebrated in Berhampur, Ganjam district, Odhisa.
  2. During the festival, Goddess Budhi Thakurani is taken from the main temple at Thakurani Temple Street to her temporary abode at Desibehera Street, where she stays till the festival ends.
  3. According to historians, first Thakurani Yatra was celebrated in April, 1779. The hereditary head of the festival is Desibhera, the head of Dera community. Dera is a community of weavers of Berhampur.
  4. Berhampur is famous for its silk sarees and handloom cloth. The Berhampur patta sari and joda (dhoti) has been accorded with GI tag.