Trump calls peace talks with Taliban over Kabul attack

News:US President has called off the peace negotiations with the Taliban that sought to end America’s 18-year war in Afghanistan.


About US-Taliban talks:

  • U.S. and Taliban negotiators had struck a draft peace deal which could have led to a withdrawal  of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
  • However, an increase in Taliban violence has led to the US withdrawing from the talks.
  • Under a draft deal,the two sides had agreed over a potential agreement which had focussed on four key issues.
  • The four key issues are (a)Taliban guarantee that it will not allow foreign armed groups and fighters to use Afghanistan as a launchpad to conduct attacks outside the country (b)the complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces (c)an intra-Afghan dialogue and (d)permanent ceasefire.

Consequences of the withdrawal:

  • There are fears that a civil war can again emerge due to differences between ethnic Pasthuns and Tajiks.This ethnic differences was the foundation for civil war and unrest in Afghanistan in the 1990’s. 
  • The unrest in Afghanistan will also unsettle India’s trade and investment plans as India-developed infrastructure will face a threat from Taliban.