UGC approves new initiative STRIDE to boost research culture

  1. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved a new initiative – Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy (STRIDE).
  2. The scheme aims to support socially relevant, local need-based, nationally important and globally significant research projects.
  3. The major objectives of STRIDE are: a) to identify young talent, strengthen research culture, build capacity, promote innovation and support trans-disciplinary research and b) to fund multi institutional network high-impact research projects in humanities and human sciences.
  4. The STRIDE has 3 components: a) identify the motivated young talents and provide research capacity building in diverse disciplines, b) enhance problem solving skills with help of social innovation and action research and c) fund high impact research projects.
  5. An advisory committee has been set up by the UGC under the chairmanship of Bhushan Patwardhan, Vice-Chairman, to oversee the entire scheme.

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