Union Petroleum minister to launch ‘Saksham’

News:Union Petroleum minister is set to launch ‘Saksham’, an annual one-month long people centric fuel conservation mega campaign of PCRA.


About Saksham:

  • Saksham is a people-centric fuel conservation mega campaign of Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA) under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  • The campaign aims at creating focused attention on fuel conservation through people centric activities.
  • It also aims to intensify efforts for making citizens aware about conservation and effective utilization of petroleum products leading to better health and environment.

Additional information:

About PCRA:

  • Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) is a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India.  
  • PCRA is engaged in promoting energy efficiency in various sectors of economy.  
  • It also helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation aimed at reducing excessive dependence of the country on oil requirement.