US Senate passes legislative provision to give India NATO ally-like status

  1. The United States Senate has passed a legislative provision that brings India at par with US NATO allies and countries like Israel and South Korea for increasing defence cooperation.
  2. This legislative provision was part of the National Defence Authorisation Act for the fiscal year 2020.
  3. The legislation provides for increased US-India defence cooperation in the Indian Ocean in the areas of maritime security, counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and humanitarian assistance.
  4. The amendment would also require the US Secretary of Defence to report to Congress on US-India defence cooperation and to conduct regular joint military activities with India in the Western Indian Ocean.
  5. The legislation will also smoothen the passage of sales to India of high end US military hardware with India signing foundational compatibility, logistical and security and secrecy agreements required by US for such transactions.
  6. India was already recognised as a major defence partner by the US for the first time in 2016.It allows India to buy more advanced and sensitive technologies from the US on par with other close allies and partners of the US.

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