Lok Sabha passes Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill

  1. The Lok Sabha has passed the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill,2019.
  2. The Bill seeks to ensure transparency,accountability and quality in the governance of medical education in the country.It provides for the supersession of the Medical Council of India(MCI) for two years.
  3. During this period,the Board of Governors shall exercise the powers and functions of the MCI.The number of members in the Board of Governors will also be increased from the existing 7 to 12.
  4. Meanwhile,the government will soon come up with a National Medical Commission(NMC) Bill to usher in comprehensive reforms in the medical education sector.
  5. This bill was introduced after the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had come across certain arbitrary action by the MCI in disregard to the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act,1956.
  6. In view of these developments and to put an alternative mechanism in place of MCI,it was decided to supersede the MCI and entrust its affairs on a Board of Governors(BoG) consisting of eminent doctors.
  7. The Medical Council of India (MCI) was established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act,1933.The Act was repealed and replaced by the Indian Medical Council Act,1956.
  8. The functions of MCI include (a)Maintenance of uniform standards of medical education (b)Recognition/derecognition of medical qualifications and medical colleges and (c)registration of doctors.

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