US declares Pakistan’s separatist Baluchistan Liberation Army as terrorist group

  1. The United States has designated the Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA) as a terrorist organisation.
  2. The terrorist designation allows the US administration to seek criminal penalties against elements of the BLA and foreign officials deemed to be aiding it.It will also allow US to ban travel to the United States for individuals associated with BLA.
  3. The US has called Balochistan Liberation Army as an armed separatist group that targets security forces and civilians mainly in southwest Pakistan.
  4. It says the group carried out a suicide attack in August 2018 that targeted Chinese engineers in Baluchistan and a May 2019 attack on a in the port town of Gwadar.
  5. Balochistan is the largest but least developed mineral rich province in Pakistan.It is situated on the western side of Pakistan.
  6. Balochistan has been the scene of a low-level insurgency by separatists demanding more autonomy and a greater share in the region’s natural resources.

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