Vice President of India successfully completes visit to the three Baltic nations

  1. Vice President has concluded his visit to the three Baltic nations namely Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  2. The visit was aimed at strengthening the bilateral engagements with the three nations,besides giving the relationships a fresh impetus in the context of a changing global order.
  3. India established diplomatic relations with Baltic states in 1992 after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
  4. The Baltic states is a geopolitical term typically used to group the three sovereign states in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea namely Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  5. The three countries do not form an official union but engage in intergovernmental and parliamentary cooperation.The most important areas of cooperation between the three countries are foreign and security policy, defence, energy and transportation.
  6. The three countries are also members of NATO, the eurozone, the OECD and members of the European Union.They are also classified as high-income economies by the World Bank and maintain a very high Human Development Index(HDI).