What is the new U.N. climate risk protocol, and what necessitated it?

  1. Recently,institutional investors from 11 countries convened by the U.N. Environment Finance Initiative(UNEP FI) has made a report that helps investors understand how to calculate the risk companies face from climate change.
  2. This report was made as climate change is already impacting economies around the world.Several reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warn of risk to economies but so far there’s been no specific assessment of how companies can account for such risks.
  3. The report says that the 1.5°C scenario exposes companies to a significant level of transition risk which affects as much as 16% of the overall portfolio value of investors which would represent a value loss of $10.7 trillion.
  4. The sectors which are at high levels of policy risk includes Utilities, transportation, agriculture as well as mining and petroleum refining sectors.
  5. Further,if the governments delay action to enact climate policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the companies could face a further loss of $1.2 trillion.
  6. UNEP FI is a partnership between the United Nations Environment and the global financial sector. More than 240 financial institutions, including banks, insurers, and investors, work with UN Environment.
  7. It was created in the wake of the 1992 Earth Summit with a mission to promote sustainable finance.UNEP FI hosts its Global Roundtable every other year and has done so since 1994. In 2017,UNEP FI established regional roundtables to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.

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