With eye on improving quality of macro-economic aggregates, MoSPI to set up ‘National Data Warehouse’

  1. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) has proposed to set up a ‘National Data Warehouse’.
  2. The  national-level data warehouse works as a central repository of all the statistical data collected various ministries,UTs and state governments.This integrated data allows policy makers and researchers to access data sets,its history and extract it across different groups.
  3. The warehouse will take the help of technology and use big data analytical tools to improve the quality of macro-economic aggregates.
  4. MoSPI has also said that legislative framework will be established under which the National Statistical Commission(NSC) may function with independence and give holistic guidance for improving the national statistical system.
  5. Recently,the government has also decided to merge the National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) with the Central Statistics Office(CSO) under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI).
  6. The objective of restructuring is to streamline and strengthen the present nodal functions of the ministry and to bring in more synergy by integrating its administrative functions within the ministry.
  7. The National Statistical Commission (NSC) of India is an autonomous body which formed in July 2005.The objective of its commission is to reduce the problems faced by statistical agencies in the country in relation to collection of data.

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