‘Accelerate Vigyan’ to strengthen scientific research mechanism

News: Science and Engineering Research Board(SERB) has launched a new scheme called ‘Accelerate Vigyan’(AV).


  • Aim: To give more thrust on encouraging high-end scientific research and preparing scientific manpower which can lead to research careers and knowledge-based economy.
  • Components: The scheme has two components ABHYAAS and SAMMOHAN.
  • Mission ABHYAAS: It is an attempt to boost Research & Development in the country by enabling and grooming potential PG / PhD level students by developing dedicated research skills in selected areas through high-end workshops and research internships.
    • The mission has two sub components: High-end workshops (‘KARYASHALA’) and research internships (‘VRITIKA’).
  • Mission SAMMOHAN: It aims to encourage, aggregate and consolidate all scientific interactions in the country under one common roof.
    • The mission has two sub components: Sayonjika is an open-ended programme to catalogue capacity building activities in science and technology supported by all government funding agencies in the country and Sangoshthi is designed to facilitate the scientific community to establish an interaction with other individuals and research groups to enhance knowledge exchange.