Agencies take shape for special operations,space,cyber war

  1. India has set up the tri-service divisions.It will consist of special operations,cyber and space.These were set up with an aim to add strategic heft to India’s operational ability in conventional war and anti-terror operations,
  2. The proposal for setting up the tri service division was mooted by the Naresh Chandra committee in 2012.
  3. The divisions will work under the Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) responsible for synergising the functioning of the three forces and headed by a Lt General-rank officer.
  4. The divisions will have the capability to carry out crippling attacks against critical enemy targets miles away.It will have about 3,000 commandos drawn from the Special Forces of the Army, Marine Commando unit (MARCOS) of the Navy and Garud of the Air Force.
  5. At present,all the three services have their special forces but work separately.With a combined force,the best of commandos can be trained together where they can share their expertise

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