All lanes at toll plazas to be ‘FASTag lanes’ from December 1

  1. The government has decided to declare all lanes in all toll fees plazas on National Highways across country as dedicated ‘FASTag lanes‘ from 1 December 2019. 
  2. This decision has been taken in order to promote faster payment of fees through the digital mode so that vehicles can move through seamlessly, and traffic jams at the toll plazas can be prevented.
  3. However, among all lanes,one ‘hybrid lane’ will be allowed at every toll plaza to facilitate and monitor over-dimensional or oversized vehicles, where FASTag and other modes of payment will be accepted.
  4. Further,this hybrid lane will also be converted into FASTag-only lane in a time-bound manner.After December 1,non-FASTag users will be charged double the fee if they pass through FASTag-only lanes.
  5. FASTag is an electronic toll collection device which is installed in vehicle mostly attached to the windscreen to help drivers drive through toll plazas without having to stop. 
  6. FASTag uses radio frequency identification(RFID) technology to enable direct toll payments while vehicle is moving.The toll fare is deducted directly from prepaid of saving bank account linked to FASTag.