Andhra Pradesh MPs have highest average annual income: report

  1. The Association of Democratic Rights (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) has analysed the self declared affidavits of the outgoing Lok Sabha MP’s.
  2. The analysis has shown that Member of Parliament(MP’s) across the country have an average annual self-income of Rs 30.29 lakh.Further, Andhra Pradesh tops the charts with its members of parliament earning an average of Rs 1.05 crore per annum.
  3. In 2002,the Supreme court in ADR vs Union of India case had ruled that every candidate contesting the elections shall declare his assets, educational qualifications and criminal antecedents.
  4. In 2018,Supreme Court in lok Prahari vs Union of India case as an extension of its earlier judgement had ruled that politicians,their spouses and associates should also declare their sources of income along with their assets,in order to qualify for contesting elections.
  5. The apex court further directed the government to set up a permanent mechanism to monitor the accrual of the wealth of sitting Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies,their spouses and associates.