Annual Crime in India Report 2017

News:The annual Crime in India Report 2017 has been published by the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB).


Key takeaways from the report:

  • In 2017,there was an increase of 3.6% in registration of cases over 2016.
  • Delhi witnessed the highest crime rate in the country with 1,050 Indian Penal Code(IPC) crime incidents per lakh of the city’s population.On the other hand,the IPC crimes decreased greatly in Mizoram, Gujarat, Himachal, Tripura and Nagaland.
  • The number of crimes against women has been increased by 6% in the country.Uttar Pradesh topped the list with most number of cases followed by Maharashtra and West Bengal.
  • There were around 58,000 incidents of rioting reported.The maximum number of incidents were reported from Bihar followed by Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • The incidents registered under the Scheduled Caste Prevention of Atrocities Act has seen an increase from 5,082 incidents reported in 2016 to 5,775 in 2017.
  • The report for the first time collected data on circulation of false/fake news and rumours.Under the category, maximum incidents were reported from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala.
  • Further,a new category of offences committed by various categories of Anti-National Elements was included.It showed that the maximum offences were committed by Left Wing Extremist(LWE) followed by North East insurgents and Terrorists.
  • However,the report has not collected any data under the categories of (a)death due to mob lynching (b)killing ordered by khap panchayat and (c)murder committed for religious reason.

Additional information:

About NCRB:

  • The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is an attached office of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The agency is responsible for collecting and analysing crime data as defined by the Indian Penal Code(IPC) and Special and Local Laws (SLL).
  • The NCRB data only reflects the number of crimes registered by the police.