Marawah Island

News:The World’s oldest known natural pearl was discovered at a Neolithic site on Marawah Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi.


About the discovery:

  • The pearl has been named as the ‘Abu Dhabi Pearl  that have been radio dated to 5,800-5,600 BCE.
  • The discovery proves that pearls and oysters were being used in the UAE nearly 8,000 years ago.
  • Prior to this discovery,the earliest pearl was found in another Neolithic site off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

Additional information:

About Marawah Island:

  • Marawah is a low-lying island off the coast of the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,the United Arab Emirates. 
  • The island is 15 km north of the Khor al-Bazm (lagoon) along the Abu Dhabi coastline in the southern Gulf.