Army to build tunnels to store ammunition

  1. Indian Army has decided to construct underground tunnels for storage of ammunition along the border with China and Pakistan.These tunnels will be constructed with the help of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd (NHPC),a public sector undertaking.
  2. The tunnels will be built in high altitude areas in the Northern and Eastern borders.Initially,four pilot projects would be taken up at four different locations along the Northern border and in Jammu and Kashmir which are expected to be completed within two years.
  3. The tunnels are crucial for providing storage of war-fighting assets as well as NBC(nuclear,chemical,biological) protection without the threat of detection by enemy satellites and spy drones.Further,countries such as China and the U.S already use underground ammunition storage.
  4. These tunnels will also ensures better safety of sensitive ammunition minimising accidental explosions.A range of ammunition used by the Army ranging from bullets,rockets to anti-tank and surface to air missiles, can be stored in these tunnels.