Army’s first Integrated Battle Groups to be structured by end of next month

  1. According to a report,Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) which the Army plans to create as part of overall force transformation is close to implementation.
  2. Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) are brigade-sized, agile, self-sufficient combat formations which can swiftly launch strikes against adversary in case of hostilities.
  3. Each IBG would be tailor-made based on Threat, Terrain and Task and resources will be allotted based on the three Ts.They will also be able to mobilise within 12-48 hrs based on the location.
  4. IBGs will be defensive and offensive.The offensive IBGs would quickly mobilise and make thrust into enemy territory for strikes.On the other hand,defensive IBGs would hold ground at vulnerable points or where enemy action is expected.
  5. The Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) idea was initiated after the terrorist attack on the Parliament where the Indian military undertook massive mobilisation but the Army’s formations took weeks to mobilise losing the element of surprise.
  6. Following this,the Army formulated a proactive doctrine known as ‘Cold Start’ to launch swift offensive but its existence was consistently denied in the past.Its existence was acknowledged for the first time in January 2017.