Govt panel says foreign firms need not mirror personal data in India

  1. Recently,a high-level government panel has decided to do away with the need for foreign firms to store a copy of all personal data within India.
  2. But the panel has said that all critical personal data must still be stored and processed in the country.
  3. Further,the panel has decided to hold further discussions with all stakeholders to decide what would constitute critical personal data.
  4. However,this panel’s order is a dilution of the recommendations of the Justice Srikrishna committee.The committee had recommended that while personal data can be processed and stored abroad,a copy needs to be stored here.
  5. The committee had also said that all critical personal data to be stored only in India.
  6. The committee had said that critical personal data will include passwords, financial data, Health data among others.However,it had added that the government should define critical personal data.