Bangladesh signs uranium supply deal with Russia

  1. Bangladesh has signed a nuclear fuel supply agreement with Russia for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project.
  2. The deal was signed between the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and Russian Nuclear Fuel Supply Company(TVEL).
  3. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is an under-construction 2.4 GWe nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.It will be the Bangladesh first nuclear power plant and the first of two units are expected to go into operation in 2023.
  4. According to the inter-governmental agreement signed with Russia in November 2011,Bangladesh is required to procure nuclear fuel from the Russian company for the entire lifespan of the power plant.
  5. In 2018,India,Bangladesh and Russia had signed tripartite memorandum of understanding(MoU) for cooperation in construction of Rooppur nuclear power plant. 
  6. Russia will build nuclear power plant.Since,India is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG),it will not participate directly in the construction of atomic power reactors.But,Indian companies will be involved in construction and installation works of non critical category.