BHOG(Blissful Hygienic offering to God)

News:Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department has asked the administrations of temples to get BHOG certificates issued by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI).


About BHOG:

  • It was launched in 2018 by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI).
  • Aim:To encourage all places of worship to adopt and maintain food safety and hygiene in preparation, serving and sale of food along with training of food handlers for basic food safety and hygiene.
  • Under the initiative,places of worship where food is cooked/handled are identified, audit is conducted and basic training of food handlers is done.
  • After the successful audit of the place of worship it becomes recognized and certified.

Additional information:

About FSSAI:

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory autonomous body under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.It comes under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  • It is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.