Boeing unveils changes to anti-stall system

  1. Boeing has announced a series of changes to the anti stall systems installed on its 737 Max aircraft which were linked to two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.It also led to the grounding of these types of planes by airlines across the world.
  2. The anti-stall system – known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System(MCAS) has been pinpointed by investigators as a possible cause in a fatal Air crash in Indonesia and another fatal crash in Ethiopia on March 10.
  3. The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is an automated safety feature on the plane designed to prevent the plane from entering into a stall,or losing lift.Angle of attack sensors on the aircraft tell the MCAS to automatically point the nose of the plane down if it is in danger of going into a stall.
  4. Among the changes,the MCAS will no longer repeatedly make corrections when the pilot tries to regain control and will be automatically disconnected in the event of disagreement between the two angle of attack (AOA) sensors.Further,Boeing will also install a warning feature called a “disagree light” to indicate to the pilot when the left and right AOA sensors are out of synchronisation.
  5. The Boeing 737 MAX is an American narrow-body aircraft series designed and produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.