Budget Briefs:Government to consider issuing Aadhaar Card for NRIs with Indian Passports

  1. The Union Finance Minister has proposed to consider issuing Aadhaar Card for Non-Resident Indians(NRI) with Indian Passport.
  2. The minister has also proposed that the government will launch a Mission that will integrate India’s traditional artisans and their creative products with global markets.Wherever necessary patents and geographical indicators,will be obtained for them.
  3. She has also proposed that the IDEAS scheme will be revamped during the current financial year.Indian Development Assistance Scheme (IDEAS) provides concessional financing for projects and contributes to infrastructure development and capacity building in the recipient developing countries.
  4. The minister also said that Government is developing 17 iconic tourism sites into world class tourist destinations which will serve as a model for other tourism sites.These sites would enhance visitor experience which will lead to increase visits of both domestic and international tourists at these destination.
  5. The minister has also announced that with the objective of preserving rich tribal cultural heritage, a digital repository is being developed where documents, folk songs, photos and videos regarding their evolution, place of origin, lifestyle, architecture, education level, traditional art, folk dances and other anthropological details of the tribes in India will be stored.The repository will be further enriched and strengthened.