Budget Briefs:Government to encourage and facilitate role of women in India’s growth story

  1. The government has proposed to expand the women self help groups (SHGs) interest subvention programme to all districts.
  2. The minister has proposed that for every verified women Self Help Group (SHG) member,having a Jan Dhan Bank Account an overdraft of Rs.5,000 will be allowed.
  3. One woman in every SHG will also be made eligible for a loan up to Rs. 1 lakh under the MUDRA Scheme.
  4. The minister has said that  Government has supported and encouraged women entrepreneurship through various schemes such as MUDRA, Stand UP India and the Self Help Group(SHG) movement.
  5. Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are informal associations of people who choose to come together to find ways to improve their living conditions.
  6. It can be defined as self governed, peer controlled information group of people with similar socio-economic background and having a desire to collectively perform common purpose.