Bull tamers gear up for jallikattu

News:Jallikattu, a popular bull taming sport held during Pongal is all set to take place in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu.


About Jallikattu:

  • Jallikattu is called as Eru thazuval or embracing the bull.The festival is a Tamil custom celebrated on the day of Mattu Pongal,the day after Pongal (harvest festival).
  • The term ‘jallikattu,’ comes from Tamil terms ‘salli kaasu’ which means coins and kattu which means package tied to the horns of bulls as prize money.
  • An ancient reference to Jallikattu is found in a seal discovered at Mohenjodaro which is dated between 2,500 BC and 1,800 BC.The festival also finds a mention in the Sangam literature.
  • During the festival,Bulls of indigenous breeds mostly Kangeyam are specially prepared for the event by providing them with sumptuous food and care.
  • On the day of the festival,the bulls are let loose from an enclosure(vaadi vaasal) and participants attempt to subdue them.

Additional information:

Other Bull taming sports:

About Hori Habba:

  • Hori Habba’ is a popular bull-catching event in Karnataka.It is held during the harvest season. 
  • It is an ancient folk game native to Haveri district, and played on the lines of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu and Kambala in Dakshina Kannada district.

About Kambala:

  • Kambala is traditional slush track buffalo race that is held annually in coastal districts of Karnataka.
  • During the festival,buffalo pairs are made to race one after another in paddy fields as a thanksgiving to the Gods for protecting the animals from diseases.