Centre begins groundwork for 100 innovation centres

  1. The Centre has begun groundwork to deliver a major poll promise of 100 innovation zones across India.
  2. The innovation centres would be linked to Smart City Mission.The first 100 cities chosen through a competitive process would house one innovation centre each.
  3. The Prime Minister’s Office(PMO) has entrusted the work to Niti Aayog, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs,Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY) and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
  4. The innovation centres would be used as tinkering laboratories to solve urban issues including traffic congestion,mosquito breeding,stray dog menace or pollution due to local industries.
  5. Each urban local body would flag an issue and the idea would be thrown open to entrepreneurs to come and suggest a solution.This would be done through the innovation zone or centre.
  6. The government also wants the innovation centres to act as lighthouse projects.If an experiment is successful in one centre,it could be shared on a common platform for replication in other cities with similar issues.

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