Collegium recommends names for appointment as chief justices of 4 HCs

  1. The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the names of four High Court Judges for their appointment as Chief Justices of the High Courts of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Telangana.
  2. Collegium system in India is the system by which the judges are appointed by the judges only also referred to as Judges-selecting- Judges.It is the system of appointment and transfer of judges that has evolved through judgments of the Supreme Court and not by an Act of Parliament or by a provision of the Constitution.
  3. The Supreme Court collegium is headed by the Chief Justice of India and comprises four other senior most judges of the court.A High Court collegium is led by its Chief Justice and four other senior most judges of that court.
  4. The collegium sends its recommendation to the Government for approval. The government can either accept it or reject it.In the case it is rejected,the recommendation comes back to the collegium.If the collegium reiterates its recommendation to the government,then it is bound by that recommendation.

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