Cross-border data movement under new law may be allowed on basis of reciprocity: Prasad

  1. Union Telecom minister has said that the draft of Personal Data Protection Bill,2018 is finalised.
  2. The minister also said that India will uphold its data sovereignty and it will not be negotiable.However,some degree of data movement may be allowed but that will be based upon reciprocity and understanding.
  3. The draft of Personal Data Protection Bill,2018 is based on the recommendations of the government-constituted high-level panel headed by Justice BN Srikrishna.
  4. The government had started process on framing personal data protection law after the Supreme Court had held that privacy is a fundamental right and asked the government to work around it.
  5. The draft bill restricts and imposes conditions on cross-border transfer of personal data.It also suggests setting up of Data Protection Authority of India to prevent misuse of personal information.
  6. The Bill also emphasized on individual consent being most important to data sharing.The bill says that the right to privacy is a fundamental right and unless you have given your explicit consent,your personal data cannot be shared or processed.
  7. Further,the minister also said that Digital villages has been another area of focus for the government which aims to set up one lakh villages with facilities like public WiFi,computer literacy centres among others.

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