Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme (CHYLP)

  1. Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme (CHYLP) aims to enrich the awareness of Indian culture among youth and develop appropriate leadership. It seeks to promote a) cultural awareness; b) mutual understanding and respect, c) develop a love for India’s rich cultural heritage.
  2. The focus of the programme is on the less privileged children residing in backward areas. Vernacular languages are used as medium of communication for carrying out different activities under the program.
  3. Intermittently programme was given to Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT). CCRT is an autonomous organization under the purview of Ministry of Culture. The Museum Division of Culture Ministry has also arranged visits of children of unprivileged section of society to museums. This was done to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to gain the knowledge relating to the Indian History and Culture and Science.