Defying U.S., Gibraltar frees Iran tanker

  1. Gibraltar has released an Iranian oil tanker named Grace 1.The oil tanker was stopped by the UK navy after the government of Gibraltar suggested it was heading for Syria.
  2. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.It occupies a commanding position at the western gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Gibraltarians are British citizens.Gibraltar is self-governing in all areas except defence and foreign policy.It is also home to a British military garrison and naval base.
  4. However,Spain continues to claim sovereignty over Gibraltar which has been ruled by Britain since 1713 under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht. 
  5. The European Union(EU) has pressured Spain and Britain to resolve the issue of Gibraltar’s status.However,both sides determination to retain full control of Gibraltar’s have led to a deadlock.