Democrats concerned over Trump’s India policy

  1. US Democratic lawmakers has criticized US President for his failure to appoint a confirmed head of the state department’s South and Central Asia (SCA) bureau.This department conducts diplomatic relations with India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries.
  2. US President had announced his South Asia policy in 2017 calling for a greater development role for India in Afghanistan and had asked Pakistan to end its support for terrorism.
  3. The US administration had also sought increased defence cooperation and engagement with India and had changed the name of U.S. Pacific Command to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command in 2018.
  4. However,the trade-related issues such as (a)India’s Data localisation rules which forced foreign companies to store their data locally (b)Price controls on medical devices(Cardiac stents) (c)Tariff on ICT products (d)Lack of greater market access for the US dairy industry and (e)India’s e-commerce policy are yet to be resolved.
  5. Further,US President announcement that (a)preferential trade benefits for India under the U.S Generalized System of Preferences(GSP) will be withdrawn and (b) to end the sanctions waiver provided to India to purchase Iranian crude oil has added strain on the relationship.

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