Department of Military Affairs(DMA)

News:The Ministry of Defence(MoD) has approved the rules of business for the newly created Department of Military Affairs(DMA).


About Department of Military Affairs(DMA):

  • The Department of Military Affairs(DMA) is headed by the Chief of Defence Staff(CDS).
  • It is the fifth department in the Ministry of Defence(MoD).The others being the Department of Defence, the Department of Defence Production, the Department of Defence Research and the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare.

Services under the Department of Military Affairs(DMA):

  • Promotions and postings of senior officers
  • War wastage reserves of 3 forces
  • Procurement of ammunition
  • Major Infrastructure projects like creation of new naval bases
  • Overseas deployment of warships
  • Size, shape and composition of army
  • Supply of arms and ammunition to neighbouring nations.

Services retained by Ministry of Defence:

  • All capital procurements
  • Any matter that has an impact on defence policy
  • Secretariat of Defence acquisition Council among others.