Draft Arms (Amendment) Bill

News:Union Home Ministry has released a Draft Arms(Amendment) Bill.It amend the Arms Act,1959.


Features of the bill:

  • The bill proposes an amendment to convict makers and users of illegal arms.It says that the makers of prohibited arms and those carrying such arms have to spend the remainder of their life in prison if convicted.
  • The bill also says that anyone possessing more than 2 licensed gun has to deposit the third one with the authorities.
  • The amendment also categorizes illegal import of guns and their sales as illicit trade. 
  • A sports person can possess a third weapon of 0.22 calibre rifle only if the user is a dedicated sports person whose participation is recognized in national and international events in the last 2 years.

Additional information:

About Arms act,1959:

  • The act was legislated to consolidate and amend the laws related to arms and ammunition.It replaced the Arms Act 1878. 
  • The act has undergone many changes since 1959. The most recent change in the act was done in 2010 through an amendment for the arms act. 
  • The act briefs rules and regulations about acquisition, manufacture, possession, sale, import and export ammunition in India.It also provides provisions related to licenses. 
  • The act lists the punishments associated with breaking rules related to the act.It also provides details on powers that the officials possess to enact it.