DU prof finds new frog species in Aravalis

  1. An amphibian survey conducted in the Aravalli Biodiversity Park in 2019 has showed 8 sympatric amphibians.
  2. The four species which have also been reported earlier are Bull frog (largest frog in India), Indian skipper frog, Narrow-mouthed frog (smallest land vertebrate from Delhi) and Pierrei’s wart frog.
  3. Further, four new species have been found-  Nepal’s Wart Frog, Indian Toad, Indus Valley Toad, and Indian Burrowing Frog.
  4. The Aravalli Biodiversity Park is located in on the South Central Ridge (part of Aravalli in Delhi) and spreads over an area of 692 acres. It contains ecologically restored and semi-arid land vegetation.
  5. Species are considered sympatric when they exist in the same geographic range and thus frequently encounter one another.