ecourts app brings reforms in justice delivery system

  1. eCourts,a mobile app has been lauded as a revolution in court management in the country.It is expected to speed up India’s goal for attaining top ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business.
  2. The app lists down services under different tabs—(a)Search by CNR, (b)Case Status (c)Cause List (d)Calendar and (e)My Cases.CNR is a unique number assigned to each case filed in district and taluka courts in the country.It also provides information relating to cases filed in subordinate courts and most high courts of the country.
  3. The e-Courts Mission Mode Project (Phase I 2010-15 and Phase II 2015-19) is a national e-Governance project for ICT(Information,communication and technology) enablement of district and subordinate courts of the country.
  4. The major objectives of the Project are to make whole judicial system (a)ICT enabled by putting in place adequate and modern hardware and connectivity (b)automation of workflow management in all courts (c)electronic movement of records from taluka/trial to appeal courts (d)installation of video conferencing (VC) facility and (e)recording of witness through Video Conferencing.