Election Commission to host Association of World Election Bodies

  1. The Election Commission of India(ECI) will be hosting the 4th General Assembly of the Association of World Election Bodies(A-WEB) at Bengaluru on 3rd September 2019.
  2. India will take over as A-WEB’s Chair for the 2019-21 term.Over 50 countries across the globe will join the A-WEB meeting.
  3. The Association of World Election Bodies(A-WEB) is the largest association of Election Management Bodies(EMBs) worldwide.
  4. A-WEB was established in 2013.The permanent secretariat is located in Seoul,South Korea.At present,it has 115 EMBs as Members & 20 Regional Associations/Organisations as Associate Members.
  5. It was established with the shared vision among its members of achieving sustainable democracy around the world
  6. A-WEB also undertakes Election Visitor and Observation Programmes in various countries to study various election management practices and share knowledge with other Member of EMBs.