Explained: Why employers fear Brazil’s slavery ‘dirty list’

  1. Brazil’s dirty list is under scrutiny as major firms have been found to have used legal means to avoid being put on it.
  2. Dirty list is a registry of employers that have been found by the Brazil Government to have engaged in slave labour.It gives transparency to a decision already reached by the Brazilian state.
  3. It was created in 2004.It has been hailed by the United Nations as a key tool in Brazil’s anti-slavery drive.
  4. A company gets added to the list If a labour inspector fines someone for employing slave labour,it starts an internal government procedure where the employer can defend himself.
  5. After all possibility of appeal is exhausted,if the employer is found guilty, his name or the name of his firm is added to the list.
  6. It will stay on the list for two years.During that time,labour inspectors will monitor the employer to see if labour conditions have improved.
  7. Beyond having their brand or names associated with slave labour, employers on the list have their access to credit lines by state banks restricted.
  8. Further,Private banks also use it to gauge credit risk.International buyers concerned with their supply chain will also look up names on the list.

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