Explained: Why eruption of a tiny, ‘complex’ volcano is causing concern

News: Taal Volcano erupted on 12th January


About Taal Volcano

  • It is located on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.
  • It is classified as a “complex” volcano.

Additional Information:

Volcano: A volcano on Earth is a vent or fissure in the planet’s crust through which lava, ash, rock, and gases erupt

Major Types of Volcano

  1.  Cinder cone volcanoes (also called scoria cones): Occur as single volcanoes or as secondary volcanoes known as “parasitic cones” on the sides of composite or shield volcanoes. Example: Mt Tabor, Mt Zion
  2. Complex/ Stratovolcano: built of layers of the alternating lava flow, ash, and blocks of unmelted stone. They result from a conduit system of vents leading from a magma reservoir beneath the surface. Vesuvius, Taal, Mt Fuji, Mt Cotopaxi.
  3. Shield volcanoes: huge, gently sloping volcanoes built of very thin lava spreading out in all directions from a central vent. Example: Mauna Loa in Hawaii

Why is the Philippines prone to volcanic activity and Earthquakes?

  • The Philippines lies along the Ring of Fire – a zone of major seismic activity. The country is situated at the boundaries of two tectonic plates — the Philippines Sea Plate and the Eurasian plate