Fani is India’s strongest April cyclone in 43 years, say meteorologists

  1. According to records from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Cyclonic storm Fani is the first severe, cyclonic storm to have formed in April in India’s oceanic neighbourhood since 1976.
  2. Severe cyclones generate maximum wind speeds of 89-117 kmph. They generally are concentrated in November, after the monsoon or around May, when the monsoon prepares to arrive in Kerala in June.
  3. Tropical cyclones in the Indian neighbourhood begin as ‘depressions’ i.e. intense low pressure systems. About 35% of such formations intensify to ‘cyclones’ and only 7% intensify to ‘very severe cyclones’
  4. Meteorologists have suggested that the development of severe cyclonic storm in April is may be a consequence of global warming. They have also highlighted that Fani has a protracted gestation which could lead to its gaining strength. On an average tropical cyclones form and make landfall in less than a week; however Fani would be making a landfall after 10 days of its formation.
  5. The IMD ranks cyclones on a 5-point scale- a) Cyclonic storm, b) Severe cyclonic storm, c) Very severe cyclonic storm, d) Extremely Severe cyclonic storm and e) Super cyclonic storm.
  6. If a Deep Depression develops gale force wind speeds of between 62–88 km/h, it is called a Cyclonic storm. Severe Cyclonic Storms have storm force wind speeds of between 89–117 km/h.
  7. Very Severe Cyclonic Storms have hurricane-force winds of 118–166 km/h. Super Cyclonic Storms have hurricane-force winds of above 222 km/h.

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