Sushma asks U.S. for Iran oil import waiver

  1. The Government of India has urged the United States to continue waiver on sanctions for India on import of Iranian crude oil after the May 2 deadline was imposed by the U.S. administration.
  2. India has also emphasised that it would not be easy for India an alternative source for 23.5 million tonnes of oil,which is the amount supplied by Iran annually.
  3. However,there was no indication from the U.S officials for issuing a new waiver for India.Further,India and Turkey had also held discussion about how to avoid a breakdown in the domestic energy markets due to the sanctions.
  4. Recently,the United States had announced that all buyers of Iranian oil will have to end their imports by May 2,2019 or face sanctions.
  5. The US had announced this decision to put maximum economic pressure on Iran and through sanctions it eventually aims to halt Iranian oil exports and thereby choke its main source of revenue.

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