Sri Lanka lifts social media ban imposed after Easter blasts

  1. The Sri Lankan government has lifted a nationwide blanket ban on social media which it had put after the recent devastating Easter Sunday bombings.
  2. The government has also the public to share content on social media sites with “utmost responsibility” while bearing in mind the current situation of Sri Lanka
  3. The ban on social media was put to curb the spread of misinformation among public in the wake of the Easter bombings.
  4. The Islamic State has claimed the attacks which had killed more than 250 people in Sri Lanka. However, the government has blamed local Islamist extremist group National Thowheeth Jamaath (NTJ) for the bombings.
  5. Recently, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has issued a travel advisory asking Indian nationals not to undertake non-essential travel to Sri Lanka.

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