‘Going Online as Leaders’ Programme

News: Ministry of Tribal Affairs has informed Rajya Sabha about ‘Going Online as Leaders’ Programme


GOAL (Going Online as Leaders)

  • It is a digitally-enabled mentorship initiative of Facebook.
  • The initiative connects underprivileged young women from tribal areas with senior expert mentors in the areas of business, fashion and arts to learn digital and life skills.1 mentor is identified and attached to four tribal youth, who are then trained and mentored.
  • It will include weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions, focused on a range of skills such as digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and online safety.

 GOAL Second Phase:

  • The second phase of the program was launched in October 2019. In the second phase, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, NITI Aayog and Facebook together will digitally mentor 5000 young women in India’s tribal-dominated districts.