Government to roll out big push for infrastructure

  1. India has decided to organize an annual global investors meet in the country similar to the World Economic Forum(WEF) in Davos.
  2. The idea for holding a summit is being mooted at a time the government is looking to attract more investments from overseas.This will spur economic growth and generate more jobs.
  3. India also wants to tap investors who can help fund ₹100 crore to build infrastructure over the next five years.
  4. The summit will be anchored by the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund(NIIF).
  5. NIIF was set up in 2015 as an investment vehicle for funding commercially viable greenfield, brownfield and stalled projects in the infrastructure sector.
  6. NIIF invests in areas such as energy, transportation, housing, water, waste management and other infrastructure-related sectors in India.