Govt readies compensation plan for patients affected by faulty devices

  1. Government had set up a nine-member medical devices sub-committee headed by former director general of health services(DGHS),Dr B.D. Athani.
  2. The sub committee was set up to recommend compensation plan for patients suffering from adverse effects of a faulty medical device.The compensation will be given by the manufacturers and importers of such devices.
  3. The committee is in the final stages of coming up with a legally binding compensation formula.
  4. The Compensation has been determined on the basis of parameters such as the base amount, loss of wages and the degree of disability. Further,new provisions will be added to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act to introduce a compensation plan.
  5. Currently,India does not have any legal provisions to compensate patients facing health problems due to implants or use of faulty medical devices.Under the law,companies are liable to pay compensation only when something goes wrong during a clinical trial.