Human atlas: An initiative for holistic understanding of human biology

  1. Department of Biotechnology(DBT) has launched ‘MANAV: Human Atlas Initiative’ towards improving knowledge on human physiology.
  2. The project aims to create a unified database of molecular network of all the tissues in the human body and to derive a holistic picture of working of the human body.
  3. This mega project will collate and integrate molecular information on human tissues and organs that currently lie hidden in research articles in an unstructured and disorganised form.
  4. The student community will be the backbone on assimilating the information.They will be trained and imparted with skills to perform annotation and curation of information that will ultimately form the online network.
  5. The information gathered in the project will help scientists to understand the differential molecular factors which vary between diseased states versus a healthy state of an organ.
  6. Further,it will bring out the cross-talk of molecular factors in various organs by helping in understanding the networking between organs in a better way.